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Learning handwriting involves watching, trying, and repeating. Our products involve all three components!

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Let Pencil Pete show your students the way!

Pencil Pete’s Handwriting Software

Pencil Pete's Handwriting Software
Pencil Pete’s Handwriting Software

Trusted and simple, Pencil Pete’s Handwriting Software is a downloadable form of the entire library of videos in an ad-free format. Once it’s installed, no Internet connection is needed, and it has no ads.

This software is great for showing an entire class using a large screen in the front, or it can run on individual students’ computers. It’s flexible to your technological needs.

One application provides access to both products, which can be purchased separately or together:

Pencil Pete's Learn to Print Software
Pencil Pete’s Learn to Print, part of the Pencil Pete Software

The app can run in Windows 7 and higher, including Windows 10. You can download and try it today. It lets you try several letters of the alphabet to evaluate whether it will be a good fit for your student(s) and curriculum. When you’re ready to buy, you can order a registration key to unlock one or both product, totally depending on your educational needs.

Each purchase of the Pencil Pete Software includes a bonus download of the handwriting practice worksheets!

Have a Mac or mobile device? Check out our online videos!

Pencil Pete’s Handwriting Worksheets

Check out a free sample right here!

PDF Download Learn to Print Worksheets
PDF Download Cursive Writing Worksheets

Pencil Pete Learn to Print and Cursive Practice Worksheets - PDF
Our worksheets are no-nonsense complement to the videos

The Handwriting Worksheets are intended to complement the animations (either from the software or the online videos), giving your students page after printable page to practice their newly-observed letter-forming skills.

These worksheets are in PDF form, both in upper and lowercase variation. Printing and Cursive can be purchased together or separately, depending on what you need to teach!

Pencil Pete’s Handwriting Videos

Finally, we’ve made the entire library of Pencil Pete videos – both printing and cursive – available for free. We do rely on advertisements to support this. For a less distracting experience, please be sure to check out the software!