Learn handwriting with Pencil Pete’s Videos and Worksheets

Teach your child proper handwriting techniques using proven videos and worksheets by Pencil Pete and JJMdesigns. Appropriate for grades Pre-K through 6, Pencil Pete’s videos help children master both printing and cursive writing, line by line and curve by curve. Learn from simple repetition with the help of a friendly and goofy animated pencil that demonstrates how to write letters from start to finish. Used in schools and at home, Pencil Pete can supplement a writing curriculum or just provide that little extra boost of remediation for your student. Learning handwriting can be fun!

Educators, families, and occupational therapists have relied on Pencil Pete to teach proper letter formation in a straight-forward and incredibly simple format for over 20 years. See what our software, practice worksheets and free videos can do for your child.

Pencil Pete makes writing more fun!

Learn to Print
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Master the basics of handwriting step-by-step for school or at home! Learn handwriting the easy way!

Cursive Writing
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We’ve got your cursive letters here! Learn the correct way to write each cursive letter!

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