Learn Printing and Cursive Writing With Pencil Pete… for Free!

Here are the handwriting videos you’ve been looking for.

Because much of the handwriting learning process involves repeating over and over, let Pencil Pete show your child the way!

These are the full Pencil Pete handwriting videos created by an elementary school teacher, known and trusted for over 20 years to teach handwriting. There’s every letter of the alphabet for both printing and cursive writing!

Pencil Pete makes forming letters of the alphabet simple and pain-free for any age. Why rely on numbers and arrows on a page when you can teach by example? Effective handwriting tools, for free!

Each of these teaching videos repeat the drawing of a single letter for over five minutes, freeing you up to focus on individual students’ progress and needs, even remotely. In other words, just hit “play” and teach away!

Learn to Print Videos

Cursive Writing Videos